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Our Mission

Druk International Tours entered the world of hospitality with the vision to offer an experience that is as extraordinary as the land and people of the thunder dragon. Beyond the visuals and the tangibles, our aspiration is to walk with you, our patrons, through hitherto scarcely open gates to the hearts and minds of our ancient and mystical nation. We wish to help you discover not only the breath-taking range of our flora and fauna, but also how and why Bhutan is the only country where the forests have been expanding in tandem with economic growth, cultural enrichment and spiritual development.

We wish to traverse with you through Bhutan’s uplifting cultural landscape of temples and monasteries, hamlets and hermitages, stupas and prayer flags and the sacred domains of the supernatural. Together we will imbibe the spirit with which Bhutan inspired the world when it pledged to remain forever carbon negative in a world ravaged by the demons of climate change.

We invite you to behold with greater clarity and vistas verdant forests, clear roaring river, turquoise and emerald lakes. Amid the calm and stillness of our tranquil country, let us listen to the symphony of songbirds that range from the celestial black-necked cranes to the prehistoric giant horn-bills. And among the riotous colors of nature’s garden in pristine alpine and tropical forests, we shall be certain to gain a glimpse of the bizarre Takin, Bhutan’s national animal. Let us enjoy the thrill of being in a land with the widest range of animals that include the most ferocious and the biggest of them all. From the rare snow leopard to the Bengal tiger to the Asian elephant to the rhinoceros, the diversity of Bhutan’s wild life far exceeds that of any country area wise.

It will be our pleasure to introduce you to the splendors of our Mahayana Buddhist culture and its legends and myths, art and architecture and our traditions of music and dance. These are manifest in our Dzongs homes, festivals, and sublime spiritual practices and indeed, the living museum that Bhutan is. We might even enthuse you with a visit to our indigenous hospital where you will probably wonder at both our ancient wisdom as well as the reason why Bhutan is the land of medicinal plants as the ancient Chinese knew it to be.  A soothing mineral and herbal bath in our stone heated wooden tubs may be your pleasure to end the day.

And of course, you may feel tempted to be a Bhutanese for a day or evening in a traditional Gho or Kira as you attend a festival or participate in a folk dance. Or, you might simply want to be a Bhutanese when visiting the General Post office where stamps with your image can be instantly printed to be pasted on the post card to your loved and dear ones back home. When you realize that there are only 700,000 Bhutanese in the whole world, it may give you no mean satisfaction to know you helped increase that number, if, only for a moment.

And yes, for those who want to experience the land of the Thunder Dragon in their own way, we are only too glad to help you plan your own program. We will be delighted to do that just once or each time you visit the enjoy a different facet of the wonders of the land of Gross National Happiness.

Our Mission
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